Villa Siena is open to seniors sixty years and older, who meet Villa Siena health and financial requirements. While Villa Siena is a Catholic sponsored home, residents of all faiths are welcomed.

Level A care (Independent Living care) and Level B care (Assisted Living care) are provided to residents who meet the appropriate level criteria as determined by the Director of Nursing.

Next Steps

If you’re interested in joining our Villa Siena community, after your tour and getting questions answered, we invite you to take the next steps:

1) Three Forms. Fill out three forms: “Preliminary application for Residency,””Villa Siena Health Questionnaire,” and “Villa Siena Financial Worksheet.”

2) $100 Payment. Submit the completed forms, with a non-refundable $100 fee payment (if check, made out to Villa Siena).

3) Health Assessment Appointment. Ask for an appointment with our Director of Nursing for a health assessment (based upon information provided in the submitted Health Questionnaire).

4) Determination. Consider your continued interest in becoming a Villa Siena resident and standby for an admission determination by our Executive Director, Corine Bernard. Upon mutual agreement to continue the admission process, you’ll be asked to complete a full admissions packet, plan for a move-in date, and make other arrangements to become a resident. Payment of the $1,200 admissions processing fee and the first month’s rent is due upon final application for admission.

Most admissions to the Nursing Care Unit, which provides 24-hour nursing care to those who can no longer live independently or with minimal assistance, are persons presently living at Villa Siena. At the same time, the Nursing Care Unit has a limited capacity and space cannot be guaranteed to an individual needing care at any particular point in time.

Health and Financial Requirements

Services provided to residents vary, based on their admission to Level A – Independent Living care or Level B – Assisted Living care, as described in the Villa Siena brochure. Minimum health requirements include a resident getting to the dining room and back without assistance. Walkers and canes are fine. Wheel chairs are acceptable, as long as the resident can self-propel and can independently transfer in and out of their wheel chair. Villa Siena is not licensed for Alzheimer’s care. The facility can accommodate the needs of seniors with mild cognitive impairment, validated through a health assessment.

The monthly rate is based on the level of care provided and is determined by the initial pre-admission assessment, which includes the health assessment. See the current “Fee Schedule” for Level A, Level B, and Nursing Care rates. The initial monthly payment is pro-rated to the move-in date.

Charity at Villa Siena

The Villa Siena Foundation, existing to support the charitable purposes of Villa Siena, makes it possible for some seniors who exhaust their financial resources to remain at Villa Siena without paying the full cost of their care.

Why Choose Villa Siena

As a Not-For-Profit Organization driven by MISSION, We…

➢ Offer quality care in an atmosphere filled with spirituality, love and compassion

➢ Provide a community where residents can enjoy their golden years and maintain their dignity

➢ Are known for our serene setting, beautiful landscaping and convenient location

➢ Provide programs designed with the well being and needs of each resident, while allowing them freedom and maximum independence

➢ Offer our residents modern studios, one-bedroom units, and community facilities, that are environmentally conscience and pleasant